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9 Health Benefits of Music

1. It is healthy for the heart.

It is a fact proven by researchers that blood flowing inside the human body flows smoothly when music is being played. Due to this, it reduces the level of heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decreases stress hormone levels inside the body.

2. It uplifts one’s mood.
The hormone dopamine is produced in large quantities when someone listens to songs. This increased production of dopamine decreases stress and anxiety through the part of the brain that processes sound directly, known as Amygdala.

3. It decreases one’s stress.
According to the latest research, listening to calming melodies leads to reduction in stress. Biochemical stress reducers are triggered, helping the listeners to feel blissful and enjoy the melodies.

4. It relieves depression-related symptoms.
Depression is caused by recurring negative thoughts in one’s mind. Whenever someone is feeling low, the melodies produce a positive effect inside the mind. This leads to a happy experience and relieves the symptoms of depression.

5. It stimulates one’s memories.
Music therapy has shown positive results in agitated people. It can open communication between patients, boost up the mood, and relieve stress.

6. It assists in pain-management.
Listening to calming melodies assists in pain management. It reduces stress levels by sending a strong competing stimulus to fight the battle with pain signals inside the brain.

7. It relieves pain and discomfort.
The tones or sounds help in reducing the intensity of pain someone is enduring. This can even be in hospitals, where someone is receiving treatment, whether it is in a geriatric care or intensive care.

8. It prevents unhealthy over-eating.
While eating breakfast or dinner, playing mellow tunes in the background may help the person eat slower and more intuitively. This leads to less consumption of food in one sitting, and will make the person feel satisfied, instead of sick and bloated.

9. It increases exercise endurance.
When an individual feels like giving up on an intense workout, listening to up-beat workout playlists may boost their energy, stamina, and overall physical performance.

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