LEARN and PERFORM – Vocal, Music, Dance and Industry – with Spark!

We have been on an exciting journey together! Learning, growing and performing across the province of Ontario!

Come and help us nurture the next generation of Canadian singers and musicians, the next generation of Canadian stars! Do you love to perform, or teach others to perform? Do you want to be a part of a game-changing approach to the music industry? We are taking a holistic approach to cultivating the next crop of Canadian talent, helping everyone be stronger, independent, and with the confidence to follow their personal passions.

You are a vocal instructor, a musician, an industry professional, a teacher, a songwriter, a performer or an advocate for social change through music … and we want you!

Most of all, you have the SPARK to grow and nurture others, and help us all realize the dream to empower girls and boys to make a positive change in the world. We are focused on young artists ranging from ages 5 to 25. And, the end result of their training will be that they will form into various bands and perform across the province.

We train our students in ‘everything’ they need to know to succeed. From vocal instruction to playing the guitar or drums, as well as performance techniques and song writing, and on to branding and social media.

Our core values are about empowering a self-reliant attitude among our students that manifests itself in them having the confidence and ambition to share their unique gifts with the world. We support them being positively assertive to achieve greater good for everyone, while also celebrating each person’s individuality. And, most importantly, we train and support our artists in giving back to others through social causes, and reaching out to support people, while being a catalyst for a better world.

Our message is that by “just being you”, through hard work and dedication, “you can do what YOU want to do,” and succeed.


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