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Best 6 Easy Ways to Promote your Music Career

You are a musician that wants to share your potential with the world. You probably started and want to promote your music career in the best and easiest way possible.

Unfortunately, there is no formula to guarantee success for your music business. Many factors need to be considered, like your audience, music genre, age and other components that would make a different and significant change for your start-up career. Once you have noticed those things that make you different, you can consider them and start building up your music emporium with those advantages.

In this article, we invite you to look up these tips to promote your music career in 6 easy ways:

1. Website

Yes! You can create a free website without being an expert. As a music entrepreneur, your main goal is to attract an audience and get people to listen to you. With a website, you can put everything in one place and give your growing fans a platform to support you and find you online. There are many videos and tutorials explaining how to create your own website. You can even start one for free today and start selling, promoting, sharing news and much more!

You can create a free professional website on platforms like Wix, WordPress and many others!

2. Blog

Now that you have created a website, write a blog! There is an infinity of subjects you can touch upon that will attract people to your music. You can start writing about what your songs mean to you, what your inspirations are, or maybe even some fun facts about the instruments you play. Just speak from your heart and people will fall in love with your words and music’s meaning.

3. YouTube channel

Do you have some videos of your best hits? Put them all in one place. This will promote your music career by giving your videos a home and allowing your fans to find all your songs and videos in a single platform. YouTube is an enormous search engine that allows many of the best artists in the world to be discovered by frequently uploading, sharing, and commenting on videos. Create a catchy title and a display thumbnail. Start communicating on your social media to make your followers subscribe and develop your fan base so that they in tum can share your music. Remember to invite them to create different playlists so they can keep watching all your videos and promote your website and additional links in the video description.

4. Create a playlist

We live in a digital music era, and everyone is mainly looking to consume music digitally, that’s why getting on the right way to set your playlists is a huge game change to promote your music career.

Different services allow music entrepreneurs like yourself to submit their playlists with free or paid subscriptions. A few of these are SubmitHub, Playlist Push, IndieMono and Alexrainbirdmusic and, of course Spotify!

5. Lives on social media

Cultivating Your Artist’s Image is a must!

Social media has become so essential for music promotion that today is impossible to be a recognized artist without a social media presence. Many of these sites offer a fantastic variety for your music business, like TikTok and Instagram with reels or YouTube stories. Still, we want you to concentrate on your Facebook, and Instagram lives. Why lives, you may ask? Well, to connect with your fans! Your fans are a critical part of your music career. Lives on social platforms are one of the most creative and engaging ways to connect with those who follow you. Engaging with your followers and creating active and loyal leads for your music will improve your content over time and will make you see the results you need.

6. Search for help from experts

At this point, you have noticed that, even if there are infinite things you can do to propel your music career, you have limited time to do all of them. Of course, your focus must be the quality of your music. So, considering all these tips, what is the best way to promote your music career? It’s as simple as using some help!

This is where Canyon comes in to provide that help. Our team will help you build awareness. Canyon Entertainment Group is an independent music company providing in-house management, development, and a variety of music services. We handle the business side of the industry so our artists are free to focus on what matters: the music.

To find out more about how to promote your music career, visit the source information at Bandzoogle and Wired.

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