Canyon Entertainment Academy, Creators and Trainers for Girl Pow-R, is Expanding

By Canyon

Feb 8, 2020

“”With a variety of training programs that range from vocal training to piano/guitar/drums to songwriting to music production, Canyon Entertainment Academy is the perfect place for those looking to galvanize their journey into the music industry.””


Canyon Entertainment Academy is expanding its programming to a broader market to help more people ‘learn the ropes’ in the music industry.

Fast on the heels of their first JUNO nomination, the creators of the superstar Canadian pop-group, Girl Pow-R, Canyon Entertainment Academy has the top-notch teachers and methods to shape and develop musical, vocal, dance and performance skills.

With a variety of training programs that range from vocal training to guitar/drums/keyboard to songwriting to music production, Canyon Entertainment Academy is the perfect place for those looking to begin or expand their journey into music. Children, teenagers and adults who have a passion for music will greatly benefit from the Academy’s program. The school provides the opportunity to cultivate your musical personality, and watch yourself succeed.

Empowerment and confidence are just some of the qualities that Canyon Entertainment Academy hopes to cultivate in their students and artists. Their hands-on-approach and close-knit relationship to their students means that their clients get the best training possible, and the attention they deserve.

Their professional and dedicated instructors have extensive experience and are highly trained in their fields. Young musicians and vocalists will have access to first-rate facilities and teachers, honing their skills in the most professional setting possible.

Students will be able to find their style and voice with the help of their passionate and encouraging instructors. It’s the perfect start for children who are interested in building their musical capabilities, or those who are more advanced and want to take their skills to the ‘next level’. No matter what their level is, Canyon Entertainment Academy is ready to foster and support students throughout their musical journey.

Canyon Entertainment Academy is part of Canyon Entertainment Group, a full-service music company that manages, coaches, and advises artists through the discipline of artist management. Established in 2013, the company has since signed on several bright and promising artists, such as Girl Pow-R, Mauve, IAMREBELWILL, Toronto Poor Boy, Black Creek Reign and Azym, all of which are making their mark on the Canadian music scene.

Additionally, Canyon Entertainment Group is an independent record label and records, publishes, and tours with their artists, further demonstrating their dedication to their artists’ musical talents. By dealing with the business aspect of the music, Canyon Entertainment Group allows their artists to focus on what’s important — the music.

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