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Canyon Entertainment Group Adds New Talent to its Roster

Canyon Entertainment Group is an independent music record label that provides in-house artist management, development, and other related music services.

Additionally, the company publishes music and tours with artists on their roster, further demonstrating their commitment to recruiting and developing musical talent. By making sure the business and branding aspects of the music are well handled, Canyon Entertainment Group allows their artists to fully focus on perfecting their craft, making sure the music is top notch and meets industry standards.

Earlier this year, the company officially announced the addition of two Canadian artists under its management. Black Creek Reign and Azym have been added to the company’s vibrant  roster of talented and multi-award winning artists, which includes Mauve and the JUNO-nominated Girl Pow-R.

The impressive addition comes right off the back of pop-rock group Girl Pow-R’s nomination for “Children’s Album of the Year” for the 2020 JUNO Awards. With this nomination, the all-girl group made history by being included in the first-ever music group of children to be nominated for such an award.

The company also boasts a variety of training programs that include vocal training, instrumentation, song writing, and music production.

Canyon Entertainment Group is the perfect place for those looking to become well rounded and develop their music knowledge. Children, teenagers and adults who have a passion for music would naturally benefit from the programs the academy has to offer. The school provides the opportunity to advance your musical abilities, and begin your journey into a long-lasting music career.

Canyon Entertainemnt Academy cultivates a culture of empowerment and confidence in their students and artists. They have a hands-on-approach and strive to build a close-knit relationship with their students. Thismeans their clients get the best training possible and all the attention they need to thrive in their chosen field.

Their instructors are dedicated, have extensive experience, and are highly trained in their fields. The facilities and tutors accessible to young musicians and vocalistscan be considered world-class, providing them the opportunity to hone their skills in the most professional setting possible.

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