Canyon Entertainment Group Announces World-Class Team Supporting the Launch of Girl Pow-R, a New All-Girl Pop Rock Group

By Canyon

Mar 12, 2017

“Canyon Entertainment Group is working with Invisible Werks and PG Productions to find and develop young female performers who have great charisma, energy and personality for Girl Pow-R, a new all-girl pop rock group.”

Canyon Entertainment Group is proud to announce the addition of two world-class organizations to the Girl Pow-R team who will be instrumental in the training and development of this band, a new all-girl pop rock group for young women ages 11 to 14. In conjunction with Canyon Entertainment Group, these organizations, Invisible Werks and PG Productions, will be directly involved in choosing the girls for the group, creating and producing the original music, and training the girls vocally, to enhance their skills.

Girl Pow-R is an opportunity for the voices of young women in the pre-teen to early teen years to speak to their peers in a fresh, new voice. Therefore, Canyon Entertainment Group is partnering with these two organizations to be able to provide world-class training, coaching, guidance and music, in order to best prepare them for this opportunity.

Invisible Werks

As producer and songwriter, Angel from Invisible Werks will be providing the music and lyrics, and producing the songs, while providing in-studio coaching during recording sessions, to ensure that the concerns of young people today are heard in the music, and that tweens and pre-teens understand there are ways to become stronger every day. Additionally, Angel, who has already created award-winning music videos, will be in charge of developing and creating a number of music videos for Girl Pow-R.

Angel is very accomplished; with 2 major record deals under his belt, he has also performed and toured across the country and has worked with Juno and Grammy-nominated artists. Angel is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer with deep experience, and Canyon is proud to have him as a part of this world-class team.

For Angel, it is the crafting of the music that drives him and he believes, “Let the music speak for itself”.

PG Productions

Having developed a one-of-a-kind, world-class vocal training method, Paula Griffith from PG Productions will provide to the Girl Pow-R band members fundamental vocal skills development training that has already produced artists who have received major record label recording contracts. As an accomplished performer, she will also be working with the band to prepare the songs for live performances and their recording sessions.

Paula Griffith is Professor of Vocal Studies at Seneca College and the top vocal and performance coach in Canada. Paula has been a veteran of the music industry for over 20 years, having been vocal coach to Y.T.V.’s #1 hit reality show ‘The Next Star’, vocal coach to Daniel J Gordon from Global television’s ‘Da Kink in My Hair’ and to Jenna Weir who played the lead role in the Tony Award Winning musical ‘Matilda’, which played this season in Toronto. Her students have signed major recording, distribution, management and artist development contracts working with producers like L.A. Reid, Ludacris, Bryan-Michael Cox and with labels like Warner Music, Universal, Motown Records, Capitol Records, Sony and with The Weeknd and Timberland management teams.  

Paula has produced shows for the Beauty Night Society Organization, Medic Canada, The Stars of the Universe Foundation, The PACT Urban Peace Organization, The Toronto Star’s Catholic Aid’s Society Fundraiser, Mercedes Benz regional showcases, The Living Arts Centre and numerous talent showcases at the CBC Radio-Glenn Gould Theatre. As a graduate from The University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and a certified Specialist of Vocal Styles from The Berklee College of Music, she created the first Pop, R&B, Contemporary vocal program accredited by a College or University in Canada.

Why Girl Pow-R? Why Now?

Too often, young people are influenced by the thoughts and life experiences of singers and musicians who are in their late teens and their 20’s. Are these the right voices to be inspiring the youth of today? No.

Dawn Van Dam, Executive Producer, for Girl-Pow-R and President and CEO of Canyon Entertainment Group, has stated, “My passion in music is to bring to the world talented artists who can share great music and positive lyrics that will help everyone identify and share their unique gifts. By finding happiness and confidence within ourselves, all of our voices can sing (or tell) the world about our strengths. This type of energy is what today’s youth needs, to inspire them to find their unique gifts, and then share those gifts with the world.”

Girl Pow-R is being formed as an energetic group of young girls who are setting out to inspire others to do their best. The girls in the band will represent different cultural backgrounds and embrace the elements of pop and rock to communicate the Girl Pow-R message. This Toronto-based group merges the issues today for young people with inspirational and energetic singing and dancing, to produce modern sounds in a unique way. Anyone can apply via a video audition process on the website at

Canyon is offering an opportunity for these young women to have their voices be heard in song – and to let their voices be heard in social media with #GIRLPOWR. We all have a voice, so sharing our strengths far and wide is important. Let’s support positive change for the world, and embrace the energy of our youth!

GIRL POW-R … new all-girl pop rock band

Festival Shows this summer in the Greater Toronto Area, and recording new, original music and music videos. Canyon Entertainment Group is searching for female singers with spark! These young women should be 11 to 14 years old, all ethnicities, with their musical talents ranging from pop to rock.

Canyon is looking for performers with great charisma, energy and personality. All singers must submit one song in their video submission that shows off their range and provides a sense of who they are as a person.

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