Directorial Debut Captures Attention with Release on Amazon Prime Video for Feature Film "Torn: Dark Bullets" by Filmmaker Dan Rizzuto

By Canyon

May 11, 2020

“Torn: Dark Bullets” is a raw and gritty film which stars Sam Vincent, Dexter Bell, William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart, Karen Holness, and Christina Lewall. It is an unapologetic look into police shootings, racism, and the connections they share.”


Filmmaker Dan Rizzuto’s directorial debut with the feature film “Torn: Dark Bullets” has captured attention with its release on Amazon Prime in Canada. The thriller is a raw and unapologetic look into a police shooting, racism and the connections they share. Torn: Dark Bullets stars Sam Vincent, Dexter Bell, William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart, Karen Holness, and Christina Lewall.

While on duty, Detective Pearce shoots and kills a black teenager. During his criminal trial, Pearce is found not guilty. Despite his acquittal, Pearce’s personal life deteriorates as he uses alcohol and self-pity to cope. Amidst one of these bouts with the bottle, Pearce becomes aware of a civil lawsuit filed by the family for loss of life and damages.

In a moment of alcohol-fueled self-righteousness, Pearce decides to confront the parents of the vic­tim. When Pearce arrives at their home, circumstances spiral into a hostile situation that continues to ramp in intensity as more people become in­volved, creating an intense situation where all secrets are revealed.

Director, writer, producer, actor and stunt/fight coordinator Dan Rizzuto is a well-respected filmmaker that leaves no stone unturned. One of his most ambitious projects to date is this feature film “Torn: Dark Bullets” which tackles intense and timely themes such as racial tensions. Dan wrote “Torn: Dark Bullets” with his writing partner Joshua Mazerolle and co-produced this feature film with his producing partner Scott Bailey.

Rizzuto’s career has seen him share film sets with movie stars like Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Cruise and renowned martial artists lko Uwais, Tony Jaa, Steven Seagal and many others. Rizzuto is a stunt-fight coordinator for popular TV series that include Wu Assassins (Netflix), Van Helsing (Netflix), Legions, Lucifer, Boss Level, EL Chicano, Psych, and Lockdown to name a few. He has also worked as a stunt performer on feature films such as Deadpool, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Underworld: Awakening, Man of Steel, Godzilla and Watchman.

Dan splits his time between productions in Vancouver and around the globe. Recently shooting in Atlanta, Thailand, and Cyprus, Rizzuto’s future projects are being developed through Cerebral Monkey Entertainment Inc., a company he started four years ago. Dan and his team recently acquired funding for an action film called ‘The Pound’ which is set to shoot in Indonesia. Dan describes the project as “an action-packed thrill ride”.

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