Game of Thrones Composer Wows Onlookers with the Nintendo Labo Piano

By Canyon

Aug 16, 2018

The Nintendo Labo is Nintendo’s newest accessory for their popular Switch console. The Labo is undoubtedly a new and interesting concept for an attachment, as each of the Labo sets requires the player to put together the cardboard accessory rather than it being premade. Manually assembling the accessory teaches the mostly young users of the console some basic crafting and construction skills that can be applied to their lives. The Nintendo Labo piano allows the user to create a small piano that the console can be placed inside so certain music-based games and piano teaching programs can be played. Recently, famous composer Ramin Djawadi demonstrated the abilities of this piano accessory and program.


Djawadi is a prolific composer for film and television, writing the music for projects such as Iron Man, Warcraft, and Pacific Rim to name a few. Djawadi used the Nintendo Labo piano to play one of his most well-known pieces, the theme of the hit show Game of Thrones, which has received substantial critical acclaim for being one of the best-opening themes on TV right now. Before being given this challenge, Djawadi had no experience with the Nintendo Switch console, let alone the accessory. Yet, after only a short amount of time, the famous composer was able to work out how to play his song on the faux instrument. Djawadi’s ability to perform his renowned composition beautifully on the Nintendo Labo piano shows just how useful the device can be in getting kids into learning how to play piano for real.


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