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Health Benefits of Physical Activity

In these hard times, there has been a significant decrease in the amount of people staying fit. Most of us know first-hand that staying fit and dedicating time to physical activity can greatly enhance your daily lifestyle. Here are seven things that regular exercise can do to enhance your overall health both physically and mentally: helps manage weight, reduces the risks of diseases and other health conditions, helps with quitting smoking, helps you get better sleep, improves mental health, helps sharpen skills and it even has the potential to be fun!

1. Helps Manage Weight

Physical activity goes together with managing your diet. As a result, it plays an important role in your journey to preventing obesity. However, in terms of maintaining weight, you must ensure that the calories you eat and drink equal to the energy you burn. On the other hand, if you are looking to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you eat and drink.

2. Reduces the Risks of Diseases and Other Health Conditions

According to some studies, one of the most beneficial results physical activity delivers is the potential to reduce the scenario of various health conditions such as strokes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer, and more. Therefore, staying fit can reduce the risk of a yearly death from a multitude of causes.

3. Helps with Quitting Smoking

Fitness has so many benefits which include the ability to help smokers quit. Exercising can potentially make quitting smoking easier as it helps lessen cravings and symptoms of withdrawal. It can also help in limiting the weight you could possibly gain when you do choose to stop smoking.

4. Helps You Get a Better Sleep

Many people struggle to fall asleep. To combat this phenomenon, physical activity can help you create a regular sleeping pattern by expending excess or otherwise unused energy throughout the day. Make sure not to exercise too close to bedtime, as this can make you too energized to go to sleep!

5. Improves Mental Health

Daily exercise can help release all the horrible chemicals in your body which then

leads to improvements in mood and an increase in relaxation. Exercising has also been proven to reduce stress and depression.

6. Helps Sharpen Skills

Stemming from the last point, daily exercise can help encourage your body to release all sorts of chemicals and unhealthy stuff that bog down your mind. As a result, it will help create improvements in the structure and functions of your daily mental activities.

7. Exercise has the Potential to be Fun

Lastly, despite what you may think, exercising can be quite enjoyable. It provides you with an opportunity to unwind, enjoy nature, or simply engage in pleasant activities. Exercise can even help connect you with family and friends in a fun setting. For example, taking a hike with friends, joining a soccer team, or just jogging around town can all be fun social activities.

In conclusion, research has shown that exercising can provide you with a healthy body and mind. For more information on the many benefits of physical activity, check out the full article on the Mayoclinic website.

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