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Keep on Jamming During Quarantine: Find an Online Music Community

Don’t give up on music because of the virus! Even if musicians can’t gather as easily as before, you can still perform music from the comfort of your home! Learn how in this article.

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A part of the population doesn’t mind the social distancing currently being implemented. But there’s no hiding it: between all the lags and distortions created by unreliable internet connections, it’s not the same to jam to music when you can’t do so with others.


However, humanity has already risen above many obstacles in these past months and found many ways to connect online. Can we do the same for music? Is real presence really necessary for collective creativity? What’s the worth of an online music community?


The University of South Florida music department was initially reluctant to shift to online music instruction with the arrival of Covid-19. But, realizing the danger that the virus represents, the department quickly changed its mind. In a few weeks, all its operations were moved online, and the results exceeded the faculty’s expectations.


In fact, there’s been an online music community since at least the creation of YouTube in 2005. Pre-Covid online jams, such as the JamKazan Virtual Jam Fest organized in 2014, show that online performances certainly didn’t fallen out of a fashion even as the years have passed since YouTube’s debut.


Many websites offer online music lessons. These sort of websites often allow users to take advantage of the site’s amentities for free for the first few months.


Many websites also give you the opportunity to join a band online. JamKazam, Soundtrack, Coverwithme, Bandontheweb and all allow you to do so.


Nowadays is an excellent time to learn an instrument online and, at the same time, help a musician whose resources were negatively affected by Covid-19. So don’t hesitate to pick up a guitar, a piano, or a microphone, and choose a local musician, a friend or a website to teach you. Now is the time to join the online music community!


For more information on how to make the best of online jamming, check out the source information on the The Conversation website.


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