Mauve Releases First Music Video for Song "Close" - Ahead of EP Release

By Canyon

Sep 17, 2019

“Close” is the latest addition to the rapidly emerging popster’s repertoire; the release comes ahead of her forthcoming EP.”

Mauve’s first music video, for her new song “Close”, is firing up ideas about those who love someone, and how that passion burns in their soul. This Canadian singer has released her music video for “Close” to turn up the heat on the air waves around the world.

“Anything this good cannot be close enough,” Canadian pop songstress Mauve sings in her newest music video, “Close”.

In her latest creative venture, the visuals in Mauve’s “Close” music video are ones people will watch over and over again.

“I compare the energy of love to a growing fire,” she says of the chill-bop pop track sprinkled with hints of tropical house and RnB. “The energy a person emits attracts you… Then it spreads like a wildfire…

“I imagine a scene of watching embers in a fire start to glow, and that’s like the magic that’s birthed through that special connection with someone. That’s why I said a feeling like that cannot feel close enough because you want it to completely come over you.” The music video is a nod to those emotions.

“My inspiration for this song began when I put together a tropical drum beat on my Cubase software program,” Mauve recalls, painting a bigger picture on how “Close” came to be. “Justin Timberlake was in Toronto for a concert and I guess my mindset was in the romantic, hip hop mood he’s known for.

“I wanted to create a beat that was subtle but still had a lot of intensity charged into it — like that fire building up.”

The music video for “Close” is the latest addition to the rapidly emerging popster’s repertoire; the release comes ahead of her forthcoming EP. Her tracks have garnered upwards of 350,000 streams on Spotify, and she was nominated for “Best New Artist” at 2018’s Niagara Music Awards.

Mauve won the 2019 InterContinental Music Award for Best of North America-Pop for her song, “Come Around”. Mauve’s earlier tracks have been featured by NBC-2, FOX40 News, ABC7 News, Talk About Pop Music, Buzz Music LA, 107.3 Virgin Radio, CBC Music, IndieCan Radio on SiriusXM.

“Mauve keeps us captivated through her descriptive lyricism and intense sound arrangements. I love the textured layers of instrumentals and powerful synths all fused into one heart-melting ballad. Island vibes of Tropical House weave with EDM production to establish the song of summer 2019,” says Buzz Music LA. “As a vocalist, Mauve is gifted beyond her years and we can’t get enough! She’s earned her success and we’re excited to see how much further this rising star will go.”

“From the first moments you feel the beautiful and distinctive voice of Mauve in your soul,” Indie Music Home concurs. “This will make you repeat her music… Again and again.”

A rich voice in a small frame, Mauve grew up inspired by theatrical performances before turning to her piano; from the age of 14, she has worn her heart on her sleeve as she has learned to play and write her songs. She is currently signed to Canyon Entertainment Group.

“I have always been a lover of all forms of art because, to me, there is no limit for what can move and inspire somebody,” she says. “Of course the musical form of art is what stuck with me the most, but visual arts is another form that can express emotions through colour and shape.”

Influenced by the deep and emotional vocals of Amy Winehouse and Sia, you can feel the vulnerability in Mauve’s lyrics, as they are placed over a catchy, tropical house beat. She gives credit to her home city of Toronto for providing many outlets and opportunities to explore different styles of music through its vibrancy and the diversity of its people.

“I see sound as having the ability to express feelings and connect people through the different colours of tone as well,” she continues. “When creating a song, it is like you are an artist with a paintbrush, combining different colours and layering them to set a scene for someone else to imagine. It’s like you are painting but with sounds.

“I feel like this new collection of songs is an embodiment of different emotions and experiences, like the different colours you experience in life.

Mauve hopes to “create an expression of music that people can visualize and evoke different feelings from just as a painting would. I am not one to create a song that is dull or meaningless to me, so that is why I want all of my work to feature splashes and pops of colours that sparks life and creativity to those who are listening.”

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