Music Benefits Your Brain: Learn About the Powers of Music

Music Benefits Your Brain: Learn About the Powers of Music

Ever feel like you could have a better functionning brain? Start playing an instrument! It helps connects your brain pathways. Also, listening to music you enjoy releases dopamine in your brain – making music an accessible way to reduce stress and depression. We invite you to read this article to find out more.

Music has been an important part of every human culture, and there’s a useful reason why this is the case. Music is not only beautiful and a form of social bonding – it also has a physical impact on learning, health, mood and development of the brain. Learn about the healing power of music in this article.


Music requires several parts of the brain – its activates regions throughout its entirety. For example, someone with brain damage might be able to coordinate enough to play piano but not enough to close his coat – because the « play the piano » part is spread out in the brain and can go over the damaged zone. So the power of music can help with neurological conditions.


Music also literally alters your mood by creating chemicals in your brain. In films, this result of music is what is used to make you sad for or attached to a character as the film’s soundtrack plays. When you listen to music you like, it releases dopamine. However, for people feeling sad, listening to up-beat songs wouldn’t be the immediate good solution. You detach yourself too much from happy musicians and prefer songs about raging or being sad because you feel like the artists of the latter songs understand you.

Steven Wilson, the musician who formed the band Porcupine Tree, said, “I think it’s time I came clean, miserable music makes me happy.” He explained that bad memories are just as important as good ones. Indeed, supposing most of our life is linear, neither happy nor sad, then rare moments of crystalized happiness or sadness are both very pertinent.


Listening to music also helps while doing sports since it competes for the brain’s attention. So if your brain asks for a break, you don’t give it one. The cyclist listening to music requires 7% less oxygen than one who cycles in silence. The power of music gives you more endurance!


Musicians’ brains are more sensitive and connected than most people’s brains are. When they play instruments, their whole brain lights up. Musicians have a better understanding of relationships and better motor skills than most people as well. Playing an instrument can also help older people with memory.


Right now, musicians are in a difficult position beacuse of the pandemic, so giving Skype lessons would probably be profitable to them too. So don’t hesitate to learn an instrument, it’s a win for your brain and it can support musicians!


For more information, check out the source information in Better Than Yesterday’s YouTube video.


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