Who Is It For?

Do you want to be a part of a game-changing approach to the music industry? We are taking a holistic approach to cultivating the next crop of Canadian talent, helping everyone be stronger, independent, and with the confidence to follow their personal passions.


Record Label

Canyon Entertainment Group is working to become a strong ally and unique record label for independent recording artists. Our goal is ensure our artists produce creative products that will stand the test of time, while giving artists the security needed to produce their best work.

Canyon Entertainment Group helps navigate every aspect of an artist’s career, from development and production to promotion and distribution. At Canyon Entertainment Group we use our passion for music and artist development, along with committed and diligent representation, to propel the careers of up-and-coming artists.

Artist Management

The team at Canyon Entertainment Group is involved in coaching and advising artists on all matters related to their careers. We take a hands-on approach with recording, publishing, performing and touring operations. We negotiate and execute international licensing contracts, sub-publishing, and distribution deals.

Canyon Entertainment Group also pursues sponsorship, branding and merchandising deals for our artists. Our job is to help build your brand and your career while showcasing your work to fans and music industry professionals across local and international markets.



Most of all, you have the SPARK to work hard and grow! We are here to empower girls and boys to make a positive change in the world. We are focused on young artists ranging from ages 5 to 25. And, the result of your training will be that we will form you into various bands and perform across the province. This is when you move onto our full Artist Development program, writing and performing original music, with distribution through our record label.

We do online lessons in guitar, piano and drums too.

Canyon Entertainment

We Empower People Through Music

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