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Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Takes Sugarland Back to the Top With New Single “Babe”

After stepping out of the spotlight a few years ago, Sugarland is back and ready to rock the charts. After releasing their first single, “Still the Same” since reuniting towards the end of 2017, the group was understandably disappointed with the results. As a duo whose singles have regularly catapulted straight to the Top 10 charts in the past, watching “Still the Same” appear on only a handful of charts around the country came as a wakeup call. Sugarland knew they needed something big, so they reached out to one of the biggest songwriting and performing stars in the music industry, Taylor Swift. With superstar Swift by their side, Sugarland has released a collaborative single in hopes of receiving the praise and attention they have been searching for. Swift originally wrote the song for her last country-pop album Red back in 2012 but withheld releasing it. Now, Sugarland has taken the song under their wing.

The new single, “Babe”, contains the attitude, catchy lyrics, and country-pop beat that has catapulted Swift’s songwriting and music into stardom, “it already sounds like a future chart-topper, which is what this comeback deserves” writes Forbes contributor, Hugh McIntyre. Sugarland lovers may argue that the song is too saturated with Swift’s vocals and flair, but she features as a backup singer with vocals embedded into the track while the primary lyrics are sung by the duo. With Sugarland’s desirable twang paired “…with Taylor Swift’s lyrical suave and brand attached to their latest project, there’s a good chance that ‘Babe’ will return Sugarland to their former glory”, states McIntyre. It seems that the group has set themselves up to rule the country music kingdom once again.

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