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The USA’s Musical Evolution and its Influences on Canada

Music has played a major role in our daily lives. From hearing it in the grocery store, to listening to it while we drive, while studying and even working. Music has played a major role in spreading culture with the USA being the main stop for the spread. With Native tribes playing their music and immigrants from across the world coming to the USA bringing new styles and instruments to contribute.

We also must thank the USA for its influences on music and being the land where different artists have come to light that are known worldwide today. The Beatles were largely impacted by the USA’s musical evolutionwith influences from artists like Buddy Holly, Little Richard and even Elvis Presley.

Buddy Holly was in a band named The Crickets inspiring the Beatles to name their band after an insect. Lennon thought the name shouldn’t have one meaning but two. Little Richard was influenced by the vocal range when performing and even tried doing a similar act during performances where he would scream. Lastly, Elvis Presley had a great influence on the Beatles with his combined musical styles of gospel, rhythm, and blues.

Canadian music has a rich history of its own with artists and bands to prove it. Canada has always had a strong love for music for the past 150 years since it gained its independence. The USA’s musical evolution and influences will remain worldwide especially within Canada.

French immigrants arrived in Canada from the 17th century bringing violins, flutes, guitars, and their unique style of singing. Colonization by the British had also played a role in Canada’s different musical styles with these new instruments slowly replacing Indigenous ones. In addition, England, Ireland and Scotland increasingly changed and developed concerts and operatic performances that developed into the Western music of the 1700s.

Did you know that the USA’s musical evolutionhad similarities that paralleled Canada like the European style periods for classical music? The models of young musicians were foreigners from Europe that continued for generations. By the 1800s, artists in the classical scene were performing in cities such as Quebec City and Halifax.

Commercialization of music for the masses started from 1844 with the opening of music stores where individuals could now purchase musical sheets, while continuing to thrive.

Today, artists such as Mauve and Girl Pow-R are examples of current Canadian singers who are dominating the musical scene. The land of the maple leaf itself is a reminder to celebrate these artists. Canada’s music market continues to grow to 12.6% since 2021. The USA’s musical evolution involves several genres beginning from 1900s. According to Soundcharts, the United States’ music market remains the largest in the world while Canada is the eighth largest music market.

Girl Pow-R is a Canadian band which consists of seven artists who are passionate about what they do. Check out the Girl Pow-R song This Is Us available on Spotify and YouTube to get a glimpse of what trending pop culture is all about!

Today, pop music has become a significant and popular genre because of its catchiness and familiarity to those listening. Pop music is one of the genres that resulted from the USA’s musical evolution. It has existed since 1960s with the Beatles being one of the most popular bands that were influential and familiar to the audience. As a result, new music becomes easier to listen to since it stems from sound notes previously heard.

In 2011, an Fmri scan was done to view and measure familiarity as a factor for emotional engagement. Psychologist Robert Zajonc confirmed that what the human brain already knows becomes more pleasant. This means that familiar things are what the brain feels more comfortable with. Pop music is clear and straightforward, so you don’t waste time trying to understand the meaning of lyrics.

The term ‘pop music’ became popular in the 1950s with rock and roll music during the USA’s musical evolution era. Pop music has always been considered entertainment for students and anyone listening, leaving them feeling relaxed.

Music also plays a role in learning, with benefits in its lyrics. Below are some examples and advantages of listening to music, especially pop music.    

1. Provides learning opportunities.

While enjoying music in your spare time, a song itself has meanings that you can learn from. For example, Girl Pow-R’s song Krisi was inspired by difficulties and how to overcome them.

2. Feeds Creativity

Relaxation creates a creative mind and improves concentration when you are struggling to create original work. For example, the USA’s musical evolution stemmed from the creation of music from diverse musical instruments and styles.

3. Relaxation While Studying

We all know the feeling when dreaded deadlines are coming up whether it’s essays, projects and tests. Stress and tension can build up the closer the dates come. What can you do? You can listen to your favourite pop music. Why? To ease the stress while studying; that way you can complete your assignments in a timely manner without overthinking.

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